Faith Group's Innovative Fundraiser Helps Habitat Raise $10,000

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It’s no secret that financial support from Bay Area faith organizations and their constituents has played an instrumental role in Habitat East Bay/Silicon Valley’s success.   Here’s just one example of how a local congregation has found an innovative way to help raise money for Habitat homes.

The ‘Brick House Fundraising Project’ at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Walnut Creek was definitely a team effort.  The idea was hatched by four dedicated souls as they met in the evening over pizza.  The vision was a campaign where donors could ‘purchase a brick’ and dedicate it to the person of their choosing.  The bricks would then build a house of some kind showing how much money had been raised and how much was still needed.

This rough sketch was then passed on to a fabulously creative family that has long been a supporter of Habitat.  As they drove home from St. Paul’s Family Camp, ideas were flying; after arriving home the wheels of the Brick House Fundraising Project were set in motion.

The goal was $5,000.  Each brick ‘purchased’ by a donor would represent a $20 donation.  Then, beyond any previous expectations, the skeleton of a 6 feet tall, three-dimensional white house was erected and made ready to be covered by the 250 cardboard bricks needed to reach the goal.  But the Habitat Fundraising Committee at St. Paul’s would not settle for any ordinary bricks.  They wanted something that could get kids and families involved in the effort.  An idea was brought forth of a simple printmaking art project which would utilize toothpicks, food coloring and shaving cream!  The results were fun, unique marbled prints (in Habitat’s blue and green color scheme) to adorn the donor-dedicated bricks.

The bricks just kept stacking up, with donations ranging from $20 to $500 and coming from as far away as Washington DC.  While there were a couple lulls in the campaign, St. Paul’s met its goal after just 2 months of active fundraising.  Combined with the anonymous matching grant, that meant over $10,000 towards the All Faiths House in Walnut Creek, California!