Home of the Brave

Home of the Brave
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It is an honor to give back to our Veterans through Habitat’s work. Through our home repair program, we often meet the wonderful people who served our country and have the honor of working beside them to repair their homes.  

Jerry Jin enlisted in the Air Force at the young age of 18 and served four years at the Castle Airforce Base in Merced, California. During his service, he specialized in repairing and maintaining jet fighters as a Jet Engine Mechanic. 

After his service, Jerry rented a small apartment for many years before purchasing a manufactured home in Hayward, close to his sister. The area is quiet, safe, and just what Jerry was looking for. He has now spent the last 17 years living down the street from his sister and just a short distance from his four daughters and grandchildren.

The line of flowers along his yard and his cheerful hellos to neighbors, show how much Jerry loves his home and his community. However, his home started to age faster than he could manage. The piping was old and leaking, his flooring was falling in, and the home’s siding was in need of repair. The flooring in his bathroom was caving so badly, Jerry had to place a board down to keep the floor level.  

With the amount of repairs needed, Jerry was overwhelmed with worry with how to afford the repairs his HOA required. That’s when he heard about Habitat’s Home Repair Program. By making minor to critical repairs for limited-income homeowners, the Home Repair Programs keeps a home affordable while creating a safe and healthy home. For Veterans like Jerry, is also means he can stay in the community he loves. 

This month volunteers have been replacing Jerry’s leaky piping; installing new, sturdy, flooring; replacing insulation and siding; and updating Jerry’s bathroom and kitchen. 

“These repairs will improve my everyday life in my home,” Jerry says. “I won’t have to worry about falling through the floor every time I go into the bathroom!” he adds with a laugh.  

If you would like to volunteer and help a Veteran, please email us at Volunteer@HabitatEBSV.org. If you know a Veteran in need of home repairs, please email us at HomeownerInfo@HabitatEBSV.org