Thank You for Voting YES for Affordable Housing!

Thank You for Voting YES for Affordable Housing!
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Thank you for supporting our efforts in last week's election to pass two critical affordable housing measures!

In Santa Clara County, with 89% of the votes counted as of this writing, Measure A is strongly positioned to pass with 67.29% YES votes so far. (A majority 2/3 vote or 66.67% is needed.)

We are thrilled to share that in Alameda County, Measure A1 passed with 72.32% of the votes!

The victory in Alameda and pending victory in Santa Clara will generate $580 million and $950 million, respectively, for affordable housing. On top of these wins, an additional $100 million was secured for affordable housing in Oakland through the passage of the city's infrastructure bond, Measure KK. These accomplishments mean real, concrete change for families in our service area, bringing us ever closer to that vision of a world in which everyone has a decent place to call home.

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