Meet Your Crew Leader: Amelia Franklin

Meet Your Crew Leader: Amelia Franklin
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We are now just days away, Build-A-Thon! This Saturday, we will bring together a community of volunteers to help kick-off the dreams of the future homeowners at Central Commons in Fremont. And while our Build-A-Thon volunteers may leave the site at the end of the day with some tired muscles, they never fail to leave with memories of the people they’ve worked alongside. If you sign up for a spot at this year’s Build-A-Thon, one of those people you’ll work with is Amelia Franklin.
Amelia is passionate about Habitat’s work, pointing out that “it brings folks together to form community around a central understanding that homes and security ought to be available for all. Taking a step back from physical labor, it’s impossible to overlook the support and love that goes into the process of building homes.” 
We’re excited to tap into that passion by having Amelia on site as a Crew Leader, and Amelia is thrilled to be a part of the event. “There was no way I’d skip it this year,” she says. “It’s a modern day barn-raising, and that’s a beautiful thing.” What’s more, she says, “I can’t wait to flex my carpentry muscles again. I’m prepping 10 minutes a day to win the hammering contest this year.”
If you end up on Amelia’s crew, be prepared to sweat! “I’m always going to be interested in the big stuff,” Amelia says, “the heavy lifting, the jobs that make you sweat. Working with me means getting a lot done and working hard to maximize output. I love when volunteers are ready, willing, and unafraid!” 
For Amelia, working with volunteers is a special experience. “I think it shows so much about an individual’s compassion when they volunteer their time… Volunteers are willing to collaborate and work as a team to achieve something tangible.”
And the work is tangible, indeed. “Starting with nothing,” Amelia says, “you watch as a community literally rises.” She does have a warning for volunteers, however: “You should watch your back. If you tease the wrong person, you may end up with a 5-gallon bucket of water headed your way!”
While she will show you the ropes in the construction process, Amelia can also give you a geology lecture, ice hockey tips, or beer brewing pointers. She can't wait to #BuildMore with you at the 2017 Build-A-Thon