Americorps Benefits & Information

Living Allowance

Most AmeriCorps members receive a living allowance totaling $17,000 for the program term, but the allowance varies by program. The living allowance will be distributed every other week, and taxes will be taken out.


AmeriCorps members receive health insurance, are eligible for childcare, and may defer payments of certain federal student loans. In addition, an educational award of $6,895 (before taxes) is granted upon completion of the AmeriCorps term. The award can be used to pay off present educational loans or can be used to pay for future schooling. (The award can be used up to seven years after the member's final date of service). Please see the AmeriCorps website for further information and restrictions regarding benefits.


To offset the expensive costs of housing in the Bay Area, Habitat EBSV provides an additional housing stipend each month of at least $1000, paid directly to your landlord. Members are responsible for securing their own housing. Transportation VISTA members will receive a relocation stipend for travel to your volunteer location. National Direct members do not receive a relocation stipend, and members are responsible for arriving to the Bay Area. Members are also responsible for the transportation costs of their regular commute during the program term. It is strongly recommended that members have a vehicle for transportation.

Start Date and Commitment

Timeline VISTA members will begin service at a Pre-Service Orientation to take place in August in Atlanta. Service at Habitat EBSV will begin immediately following the orientation and will conclude the following August. VISTA members will serve full-time. National Direct members typically begin service at Habitat EBSV in early September and conclude service in late July. There may be alternative start dates depending on our projects. National Direct members are required to serve 1,700 hours of service during their program term. 


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