Stock Donations

To get started donating stocks, contact your financial advisor or broker. They will need the following information in order to complete an electronic transfer:

  • Morgan Stanley c/o Marical Sanchez
  • Account #: 104-129510-022
  • DTC #: 015
  • Account Name: Habitat for Humanity East Bay/Silicon Valley, Inc.
  • Tax identification #: 94-3053687
  • By phone at (510) 891-5202, by email, or eFax at (510) 891-0578
  • Please also send a note to Habitat EBSV indicating the type and amount of shares transferred:
Family_MuirRidge_Bianca Eleazar.jpg
“Homeownership is important for my family because moving around is difficult with small children, and my kids need a stable, secure place to live.”

Bianca, Habitat Homeowner

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