What is Global Village?

Volunteer abroad with Global Village! Global Village is an international volunteer program that takes volunteers abroad to make a hands-on difference in the countries we support through our Global Investment Program. You will experience the country like a local, with locals from the partnering Habitat affiliate. While these volunteer travels may only last a week or two, the financial, emotional, and physical contributions can be life-changing -- not only for the community where you work, but also for you and your volunteer team.

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Volunteer in Latin America

Global Village Trip 2020: El Salvador

From March 14 through March 22, 2020,  join a team of world changers and volunteer internationally with Habitat's Global Village volunteer trip to El Salvador. In 10 days, we will build a home for a family with Habitat for Humanity El Salvador while immersing ourselves in the local culture. 

Since 2001, we have partnered with our sister affiliate in El Salvador to serve more than 65 families and change the lives of 325 people through Global Village trips. We're excited to return and volunteer in El Salvador!  

Interested in traveling to volunteer abroad with Habitat? Fill out the form below to download our 2020 Global Village Participant Application. Applications are due December 15, 2019.


Global Village  FAQ

How do I sign up?

Click here to download our Participant Application for our next Global Village trip to El Salvador. Then, please email your completed application to TBerhe@HabitatEBSV.org.  Our team will contact you to discuss your application. After you are approved to join a team, you’ll complete the final registration steps.


How much does the trip cost?

Trip costs depend on the location, duration of the trip, and any cultural activities in addition to your volunteer service.

The 2020 volunteer trip to El Salvador will cost $1,720. This includes in-country transportation, food, accommodations, cultural activities, a donation to Habitat to cover program costs, and travel insurance.

We encourage volunteers to fundraise to cover this trip cost. Shortly after being approved for the trip, Habitat staff will contact you to help set up your fundraising page and offer additional support along the way! 

Other estimated costs that are not covered by fundraising include:
Airfare: $700 (approx.)
Misc: (souvenirs, personal expenses, etc.) $200

Is it safe to volunteer in El Salvador?

Habitat has a long history of working in El Salvador, and volunteer health and safety is our top priority. Our sister affiliate in El Salvador know and live in the area, and help ensure a safe and valuable experience for volunteers year after year. We also regularly follow international travel advisories closely. While we cannot guarantee personal safety, we do everything possible to keep volunteers out of harm’s way, both on and off the work site, and also include travel medical insurance in the trip cost. However, it is up to each individual to assess the trip details for their own comfort level. 

What kind of work do volunteers do?

You won’t know what kind of work you will do until our first day at the construction site. Please be ready to do anything from digging foundations to whitewashing walls. Work may be physical, but we work as a team to make sure that people of all skill levels and abilities have a great experience. Everything becomes lighter when you work together!

For a "from the field" look at what a volunteer trip to El Salvador is like, click here to read about Patti's experience in 2018.

Will we get to experience local historic sites or cultural experiences?

Yes! Part of serving abroad is understanding the historic and current events that local residents have experienced, as well as cultural landmarks and traditions,  celebrated locally. Each trip includes at least one local cultural excursion.

Is there an age requirement?

All volunteers must be over the age of 16 and should be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Global_Volunteer Linda-edited-quote.jpg
“This was a life changing experience for me. You have showed me that volunteering is not just an occasional event. You’ve made me question who I interact with and why. What do I want to do with my time and who do I want to be surrounded by. Each and every one of you has left a little bit of chispa in my heart.”

Linda, 2014 Global Village Volunteer

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