Working from home over the last year has changed day-to-day life for many of us. The biggest change for some was trading a long commute for just a few steps to kitchen table or home office. Now, with more companies offering this remote lifestyle indefinitely, many of us question if we even need a car, or multiple, anymore.

Need another reason to live a car-free life? Well, if you donate your vehicle to Habitat’s Cars for Homes program, we can give you three:

  1. Your car donation builds stronger, greener communities.
    When you donate a car to Habitat for Humanity, all net proceeds from the sale of your vehicle will support our work building and preserving affordable housing across the Bay Area, and more affordable housing means more diverse and stable communities.

    If your car donation is in no shape to be sold to licensed dealer, it will be sold to auto salvage yards where usable parts are removed, and the car is recycled into steel. So, going car-less is good for the community and the environment!

  2. Cars for Homes makes donating a car to charity easy.
    First, we accept any and all car, truck, RV, van, SUV, motorcycle, and even boat donations, whether they are running or not. Then, we come to you and provide free towing of your donation. Finally, the online, contactless donation process is completed in just three steps. Here is how to donate a car to Habitat for Humanity:
    • Start your donation online by visiting our donation form, or calling our hotline: 1-877-277-4344
    • Our team will ask about your vehicle, including the make, model, vehicle identification number (VIN), and current mileage.
    • When your vehicle is accepted, schedule a day and time for us to pick it up.
  1. Your car donation to Habitat may qualify for a tax deduction.
    By donating your vehicle to Habitat, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, you may claim the donation on your federal tax return, if you itemize. Click here to learn more about the tax benefits you could receive when you donate an unused vehicle to Habitat.


When Ernie donated his inactive Mercury Sable to Habitat’s Cars for Homes program, he thought of it as the perfect way to make an impact while relieving himself of a burden. Although he was no longer driving the car, it was still costing him. “I’m saving a lot of money on insurance and registration fees,” he says. “It’s a relief.” Click here to read Ernie’s full story.

Are you ready to join Ernie in lifting the weight of your unused car and donating it to Habitat?

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