We’ve already officially welcomed home the first new Habitat family of 2022, but we’re just getting started! There’s plenty more to be done, so read on to learn how you can get in on the action.

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Oakland - Renovation

We’re starting from the ground up in this hefty renovation – literally! This month, we’ve been up to some major work in the crawl space, up to our knees in forms and rebar while we prepare for special engineering inspections. This is just the beginning of lots of work ahead, so keep an eye out for volunteer opportunities in the heart of Oakland!

Habitat for Humanity Construction Site in Walnut CreekWalnut Creek - New Home Development, Esperanza Place

Things are really kicking into high gear out in Walnut Creek, where we’ve just wrapped up grading around the future buildings, and we’ve gotten started with the underground utilities. Next up, we’ll need some help building a retaining wall and preparing the way to pour foundations!

San Jose - Renovation

We’re looking forward to springtime in San Jose, and not just for the weather! With a historic architectural beauty waiting on box cribs at 4th and Reed, we’re eagerly working our way through the planning and permitting process so that we can get renovating! And it looks like we are just a few short months away from asking our volunteers to help us take this old 4-unit building into the 21st century while retaining its singular charm.

Pittsburg - Recycle

It’s the “home” stretch, so to speak, as we work our way through punch list items. We’re talking things like light bulbs, finishing up the gate, caulking, and more. We’re getting close to completion, so think fast if you’d like to lend a hand in prepping this home for its future Habitat homeowners!

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