First, the air conditioning was on the fritz. Then, there was the mysterious clunky hum from the engine. Finally, the acceleration started to go. I found myself flooring it, pedal to the metal, only to barely top out at 25 miles an hour. That's when I knew I had to let go of my beloved 2005 Honda Accord.

The Honda was a gift from my grandfather, when he stopped driving it in 2015 at 89 years old. Even in its dismal state, I knew I could sell it for parts in the hot used car market. But my grandfather didn't sell me this car. He gave it to me for free. It only seemed right to pass the gift along, even eight years and nearly two hundred thousand miles later. Conveniently, I work for Habitat for Humanity East Bay/Silicon Valley, so I knew exactly where my little Honda could go to keep on giving: Cars for Homes.

Cars for Homes Screenshot (1)Cars for Homes is Habitat’s car donation program where donated cars, trucks, RV’s, or even boats and motorcycles are sold at auction to support Habitat’s work. Even cars that can’t run (or barely run, like my Honda) can be donated for salvage - they just need four inflated tires to be towed.

As a Habitat ReStore staff member, I had seen firsthand the work Habitat was doing in my community. From meeting Habitat homeowners to seeing volunteers raise the walls of a new home, I knew that every dollar donated to Habitat was flowing right back into creating strong and stable communities. Donating to Cars for Homes was a no-brainer, especially knowing that donating my car would be free, convenient, and eligible for a tax deduction!


Cars for Homes BlogThe first step was to fill out Habitat’s online car donation form, which was a breeze.

Within a few days, I received a call to schedule the tow. After a few more pieces of paperwork with the tow operator, my Honda was loaded up and driven away.

And just a few days later, I received an email from Habitat to let me know that my car had sold for $800 with all the documentation I needed to file for a tax deduction.

Within a week, my Honda had gone from being a sentimental but mostly useless hunk of metal in my driveway to funding affordable homes across the Bay Area.

I have to admit, letting go of my Honda was emotional for me. My grandfather passed last year, and driving his car every day was a constant reminder of the life he Grandfather Photoled. He was always in service to others – driving his grandchildren to school, caring for stray animals, delivering freshly baked lasagnas to family and neighbors. Letting go was tough, but it's a little easier knowing his car will continue a legacy of service and care for others.

Wherever our cherished Honda ended up, the revenue from its sale will help another family achieve the dream of homeownership, and the strength, stability, and self-reliance that comes with it.


Cars for Homes

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