Interfaith is the bringing together of different religions and faith groups through action or dialogue. By creating a space that welcomes people of different religious or non-religious backgrounds, interfaith programs provide opportunities for collaboration, conversation, and action toward a common goal.

Interfaith buildHabitat for Humanity is rooted in principles from Christianity, but enthusiastically welcomes and serves people of all faith traditions – and those who do not subscribe to a religious tradition. It is these principles that call us to unite people from all backgrounds to serve those in need of a safe, decent place to call home – no matter their faith. Our interfaith builds, sponsorships, and advocacy opportunities bring together differing worldviews to find common ground in our shared vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

At Habitat, our diverse community mirrors the homeowners, volunteers, and donors who partner with us every day. Most recently, our Central Commons development in Fremont reflects this diverse community. From the different faiths represented among our 30 Habitat homeowners to its location in Fremont – one of the most culturally and religiously diverse communities of its size in the country – interfaith partnerships were critical in building this new community.

“People of faith need to gather, in community, to build and grow – this is a defining stepping stone of every faith tradition,” shares Karen, our Faith Partnerships Manager. “One that is carried out with Habitat's work - through who we house, who volunteers with us, as well as who helps with funding.”

Faith Groups Partner with Habitat

There is a number of ways you can get your faith group involved with Habitat. The most interactive way is through volunteering – making a tangible difference gives a rewarding sense of accomplishment and allows individuals to bond while building affordable homes for neighbors. 

Making a donation is another way to support your community. Whether you make a one-time donation or participate as a sponsor of the Unity House at Esperanza Place in Walnut Creek, donations help provide the resources to build more for our diverse community.

What makes our community strong is the unique individualism that identifies our differences. Join other faith groups in a discussion, forum, or build, and work together in creating innovative, inclusive solutions to our community’s affordable housing crisis. That is why interfaith is an important practice – it gives us the ability to move forward as a whole.

To learn more about getting your faith community engaged with Habitat, or exploring interfaith opportunities, get in touch with Karen, Faith Partnerships Manager, at


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