Habitat for Humanity Announces New Board Members

July 15, 2022 Press Release

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Habitat for Humanity Announces New Board Members
Habitat East Bay/Silicon Valley’s new slate of Directors adds vital expertise

OAKLAND, CALIF. (July 11, 2022) — Earlier this month, Habitat for Humanity East Bay/Silicon Valley welcomed the five newest additions to its Board of Directors. The diverse new group of Directors adds a breadth and depth of experience spanning community service, legal and industry-specific expertise, and organizational management that promise to round out the nonprofit’s governance capabilities.

Joseph Forline is the Senior Vice President of Gas Operations at Pacific Gas & Electric Company, and he joins the board eager to manifest two of PG&E’s purpose statements that sit close to his heart: “leading with love” and “serving our planet.” In addition to over 30 years of experience in electric and gas utilities, Mr. Forline’s expertise in energy efficiency, solar energy, and Zero Net Energy are an asset to a homebuilder on the leading edge of blending affordability and sustainability.

Rosana Yu Han is the Senior Vice President, Head of Community Reinvestment at First Republic Bank, and her connection to the organization began with helping Habitat to rebuild homes in Sonoma County following wildfires in 2017. It was a hands-on manifestation of the community reinvestment work Ms. Han has done for over 20 years. Under Ms. Han’s leadership, First Republic Bank has developed extensive programs designed to support economic, financial, and housing opportunities among underserved and low- to moderate-income communities. She hopes, as a Director, to create mutually beneficial outcomes for Habitat, the community, and funding partners.

David Harris has been practicing law for over 25 years and is Principal and Founder of Doyle & Harris. As an attorney, Mr. Harris has advised and represented Habitat East Bay/Silicon Valley for close to five years, in addition to his own financial support and volunteerism. Mr. Harris has deep experience in navigating complex legal issues, and a long history handling a diverse array of real estate and business matters. By joining Habitat’s Board of Directors, Mr. Harris hopes to contribute positively to the organization’s effectiveness and dynamism in responding to the housing crisis.

Annie Kao is Vice President of Engineering at Simpson Strong-Tie, where she has been a leading voice and advocate for women and underrepresented communities in engineering. A Habitat volunteer herself, Ms. Kao has also been a panelist for the affiliate’s Women’s Leadership Build. Through her industry-specific technical expertise, strategic planning experience, and embrace of innovation, Ms. Kao hopes to grow the impact of Habitat for Humanity’s programs and services.

Shail Khiyara serves as the Operating Advisor at Peakspan Capital and brings to the Habitat Board of Directors a wide-ranging background as an operations executive. Serving in roles such as General Manager, Chief Marketing Officer, and Chief Customer Officer, Mr. Khiyara has demonstrated a proven track record of leading global engineering and technology companies. With a uniquely diverse skill set – spanning engineering, finance, corporate governance, marketing, information technology, fundraising, and board experience – Mr. Khiyara plans to use his global expertise to tackle one of our region’s most pressing problems, affordable housing.

“I am thrilled to welcome these five incredible people to our Board of Directors,” said Janice Jensen, President and CEO of Habitat for Humanity East Bay/Silicon Valley. “They bring such a wealth and diversity of voices, experience, and professional savvy. To have all of that united in purpose to serve Habitat’s mission is truly a gift.”

Habitat East Bay/Silicon Valley board members serve two-year terms, during which they participate in strategic and budget planning, stewardship of resources, organizational oversight, and more. Ultimately, they work to ensure the organization’s effectiveness, sustainability, and adherence to its mission to build homes, communities, and hope.