November: Construction Updates

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Martinez, Muir Ridge (20 New Homes): We’re starting to prep for the rainy season. Volunteers are working inside on interior painting and installing flooring in the six homes of phase two. Outside of the houses, all the sewer lines have been connected, scaffolding is off, we’re continuing work on the steps and decks!

San Jose, Delmas Ave (1 new home): We’re less than a month away from this single family home’s Home Dedication, but there are still a few things to be done. We’re finishing up electrical and plumbing work, along with work on the carport and exterior painting.  Click here to RSVP for the Home Dedication, and see the completed project as we welcome home the Welde family on December 9th!

Home Repairs: In Hayward, volunteers are installing a walk-in tub, new porch stairs, and a new door for Mr. Franklin. Starting this week, volunteers will be helping Ms. Delores in San Jose by reinstalling her home’s electrical system, and installing a walk-in shower, windows, and gutters!

Other Updates:  We cannot thank our network of supporters enough! Thanks to your votes, Measure A in Alameda County and Measure A1 in Santa Clara County both passed!  Our support of these two bond measures will not only have a profound impact on those in need of affordable housing, but the entire community as well. Thank you for voting YES!