A Guide to Habitat's Online Housing and Financial Counseling Services

December 22, 2023 Housing Counseling

Ready to kick-start your goals and gain the financial skills to reach them? Take advantage of the free online ways Habitat’s Housing & Financial Counseling Program can help you achieve big financial wins from the comfort of your own home!


Dive deeper and learn more about a finance topic that may have your heading spinning – it’s as simple as signing up for our free online financial education webinars!  These financial e-learning events are one-hour webinars presented by a HUD-certified Housing and Financial Counselor. You can find easy-to-follow webinars on topics like how to manage your debt, ways to protect your identity online, banking basics, planning for the cost of college, and much more. The takeaway? You’ll gain valuable insights into managing finances, which are crucial for making an informed decisions on big questions like how to pay off student loans, whether homeownership right for you, and others.

Look at upcoming events and plan accordingly.   

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Financial Education Center Lessons

Habitat’s Financial Education Center is another free online resource to help deepen your understanding on key financial topics – on your preferred subjects and at your pace. Unlike our webinars, activity lessons within the Financial Education Center can be taken at any time. You’ll find a variety of subjects, like healthcare finances, planning for retirement, small business essentials, and more! Each activity ranges from 4 to 10 minutes long, making it easy for you to incorporate a lesson a day. 

Not sure where to begin? Here are some great activity lessons for weathering the holidays and getting your new year off to a great start:.
-    Creating a Budget
-    Introduction to Social Media Scams
-    Healthy Financial Habits

Now is the time to equip yourself for a financially empowered future! Start with a lesson a day, a lesson a week, or a webinar a month, and you’ll step into the new year with confidence and preparedness. Let your journey to financial well-being start now! 

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