What started as a building hobby has grown into a life passion for one of our rockstar regulars, Becky. A handful of days on the construction site turned into ten years of incredible dedication to Habitat – from weekly construction to crew leading at major builds to building homes abroad, and more.

Volunteer To Meet - Becky

Ask Becky what motivates her, and she’ll tell you, “The community that I've built through the affiliate is a huge part of why I keep coming back and why I am so invested.”

And Becky is a key player in that community. As a regular on site, Becky helps lead volunteer groups and loves helping them grow the strength and confidence to take anything on. “I really enjoy being a trusted person on site, and I also enjoy it when I get to crew lead and help general volunteers learn something, have a good experience, and go home to tell their friends and family about what they did.”

Becky also loves empowering other women to find their potential on the construction site. “Being a regular volunteer is a huge source of pride for me,” she shares. “One piece of that pride certainly stems from being a woman who knows her way around a site.”

Becky inspires women not only on our construction sites but all over the world.  As a part of four Global Village volunteer trips, Becky has helped strengthen communities and create housing opportunities in Cambodia, Nepal, Myanmar, and Malawi. Her passion for affordable housing has no borders!

Becky - Malawi The impact she is making doesn’t just stop with our Habitat community. Becky is a Policy Analyst, working to reform the criminal justice system – fighting for equality and justice in more ways than one. In addition to her investment in Habitat, she says, “I'm passionate about the work that I do.”

If that’s not enough, Becky also lends her spare time to captaining a co-ed softball team. What originated as a Habitat team still includes current and former AmeriCorps and staff. “It's a fun, positive team,” Becky says, “and we actually took the championship last season.” As the team’s co-founder, Becky plans to lead the team to another championship and we’re excited to cheer them on!

All in all, Becky is the epitome of a dedicated leader, building bridges between communities – ultimately building a better world on and off the construction site. And Becky’s enthusiasm is contagious – “I LOVE being a regular volunteer and I LOVE telling people in my life about Habitat.” The love is mutual! Thank you, Becky, for your dedication to fighting injustice, and for building friendships, communities, homes, and hope.


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