Every Habitat family has the same incredible view from their windows, no matter where their home is. They look out onto a landscape of potential and a future of opportunity.
Family-Beltran3-Lourdes Beltran.jpgHabitat homeowners for eight years, Lourdes and her husband, Jorge, have watched their oldest daughter, Daniela, earn an engineering degree and go on to start her own successful 3D modeling firm in Pasadena. Their second daughter, Pamela, is teaching part-time in Sacramento while she pursues her degree in education. Their son, Clemente, is a busy middle schooler dividing his time between extracurricular school activities and playing music with his family.
“We’ve upgraded in life in general,” Lourdes says. “It’s not just moving to another house. It’s moving to another level in life.”
Daniela goes further, saying, “You get to focus on different things. You no longer have to focus on the basics, you get to go beyond that. I think that having this house changed what we get to accomplish and what we’ll get to do with our own family in the future… It’s really made a difference to more than just five people.”
Pamela agrees, “You’re not just giving to a family. You’re giving to a community.”

Lourdes and her family exemplify what we see in our Social Impact Studywith successful, thriving children exploring their potential. Many have improved their grades, behavior, and confidence since moving in to their Habitat homes. We found that Habitat kids are besting the national average for high school graduation rates, and nearly half are surpassing the educational level achieved by their parents. 

Lourdes and her family know that so much opportunity began at the doorstep of their Habitat home

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