Why Team Building

Team Building with Habitat EBSV provides your company the opportunity to strengthen your team and the Bay Area community. Corporate volunteering will challenge team members to communicate and work together to achieve a tangible outcome. Employees return to the workplace motivated, connected, and inspired. We provide all the tools, materials, and training -- you just provide a tax-deductible donation and the helping hands!

Ready to get building?

Fill out our Team Building Inquiry form below and a Habitat staff member will contact you with build options based on your preferences. We will work with you to customize and schedule a build for your team. Once you have a scheduled build day, we will send you a donation form and your volunteers will be able to register online prior to your build.Teams contribute a tax-deductible donation based on the size of your group. We ask for $2000 for every 10 volunteers. 

If you have additional questions please contact or call (510) 803-3364.

Construction Opportunities

Build and repair homes in your community! Gather your team and head to a Habitat worksite. Corporate volunteers build alongside Habitat’s future homeowners while strengthening their team’s communication skills. For a meaningful and productive experience, teams build from 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. and are led by our skilled construction staff -- no experience is required.

Complete the Team Building Inquiry Form to get started planning your Team Build day!


Playhouse Opportunities

Provide a child a playful retreat to call their own while supporting affordable housing in the Bay Area. At Habitat for Humanity Playhouse build days, corporate teams assemble and decorate children’s playhouses, which are then donated to families and local community charities. Flexible scheduling and location options make Playhouse Builds easy for teams and events of any size.

Complete the Team Building Inquiry Form to get started planning your Team Build day!.

Questions & Answers

How do I set up a Team Build day?

Fill out our Team Building Inquiry form below.

A Habitat staff member will contact you with build options based on your preferences. We will work with you to customize and schedule a build for your team. We will send you a donation form and instructions for the day. Prior to your build, your volunteers will register online.

If you have additional questions please contact

What can our team expect on a build day?

Whether your team is building homes or playhouses, you can expect a rewarding experience. Your team will have the opportunity to build strong relationships while engaging in meaningful work for those in your community. We will provide all the tools, materials, and skilled staff you’ll need to get the job done!

What kinds of groups can participate in Team Build days?

Groups of any kind can participate in Team Build days: corporate groups, faith congregations, schools, groups of friends, and the list goes on!

Why do you ask for a donation?

Teams contribute a tax-deductible donation (based on the size of your group) to cover the equivalent cost of materials and supervision. More importantly, this support allows us to provide affordable housing opportunities for families and communities. Your team’s contribution is crucial in helping those in need.

How much do we donate to host a build day?

Minimum donations vary based on your group size.

For Construction Team Build days:

1-10 volunteers


11-20 volunteers


21-30 volunteers


31-40 volunteers


41-50 volunteers



For Playhouse Team Build days, we ask for a donation of $2,000 per playhouse. Each playhouse can accommodate about 10 volunteers. Builds are often sponsored by corporate giving, community fundraising, or fundraising through social media. Habitat staff can provide guidance in meeting your fundraising goals.

How do Playhouse Builds work?

Playhouse Builds can be a half or full day in our Milpitas or Oakland workshop. Teams can also choose a half day at a different location of their choice.  Each playhouse accommodates about 10 volunteers, and the Playhouse Program can accommodate groups of any size! Teams contribute a tax-deductible donation of $2,000 per playhouse to cover the cost of materials and support our work in the community. Habitat EBSV provides all the materials, tools, training, and supervision needed for a great experience. With flexible timing and location options, builds can be tailored to fit a group’s preferences.

Who receives the playhouses?

Habitat selects local families and charities to receive completed playhouses. Many playhouses go to active military and Veteran families, and nonprofits in the area.

How do I request a playhouse?

To request a playhouse, please contact, or 510-803-3322.

Team Build Day Inquiry Form

Start planning your team’s volunteer day! Complete the form below and we’ll contact you with opportunities, information, and next steps! If you have additional questions, please contact

Turner construction Playhouse group picture-edited.jpg
“Everyone had a great time and they were so enthusiastic that they finished early!!!!! What touched them deeply was meeting the families from Travis Air Force Base. I heard there were a few grown men with misty eyes. Many of them expressed their gratitude and were overwhelmed by the experience. Thank you!”

- Turner Construction

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