Spend any time in Habitat East Bay/Silicon Valley circles, and chances are high that you’ve crossed paths with our AmeriCorps service members.
Maybe one of them offered patient instruction while you made your first cut with a miter saw. Or held the other end of that sheet of drywall as you crossed site with it. An AmeriCorps member may have helped you book your company’s team building day, or answered your questions about volunteering. Or perhaps an AmeriCorps member helped walk you through an application for home repairs and made sure all your paperwork was in order.

You’ve probably interacted with an AmeriCorps member because they are absolutely essential to our work. Each term, we count ourselves very lucky to have the best of the best helping us carry out our mission – whether they’re leading crews on the construction site or keeping things clicking along from the office (or home office these days!).

This year is no different. Meet the current class of AmeriCorps service members getting things done with Habitat!



Abigail, Crew Leader

Hometown: Fresno, CA

What “home” means to Abigail: ”Home to me is security, comfort, and togetherness.”

Favorite tool on the job: “My favorite tool so far is the table saw!”

Brynnagh, Client Intake Coordinator – Home Preservation Program

Hometown: San Rafael, CA

What “home” means to Brynnagh: “’Home’ to me means being surrounded by loved ones and feeling comfortable where you are. I think in some cases, home can be more than four walls and a roof over your head.”

Favorite tool on the job: “My favorite tool on the job (office) would probably be copy and paste!”





Emma, Volunteer Coordinator *Second year!
Emma served her first term as a Crew Leader

Hometown: Half Moon Bay/Montara, CA

What “home” means to Emma: “Home is somewhere warm. A place to care for and be cared for. I feel at home when I am provided for and can share in return.”

Favorite tool on the job: “My favorite office tool is either spell check or my tea kettle.”

Gloria, Volunteer Coordinator

Hometown: Alameda, CA

What “home” means to Gloria: “To me, there are many things that can be associated with "home." It could be a space, a person, certain foods, certain smells—anything that gives us a feeling of comfort and safety.”

Favorite tool on the job: “I haven’t worked with many tools on site, but I have gotten a chance to paint some playhouses and I love painting, so a paintbrush would be my favorite tool!”





James, Crew Leader *Second year!

Hometown: Detroit, MI

What “home” means to James: “What home is to me is having the feeling of knowing you have peace of mind and tranquility, thinking everything is ok.”

Favorite tool on the job: “The sledgehammer!”

“Gresh,” Crew Leader *Second year!

Hometown: Lisbon, OH

What “home” means to Gresh: “Home to me is whenever my cat is, but besides that it’s somewhere where you don’t have to worry. A place where you are cozy, comfortable, and loved.”

Favorite tool on the job: “My favorite tool is, hands down, the jigsaw. That thing is super cool, and you make such precise cuts and do delicate work!”





Jay, Crew Leader

Hometown: Miami, FL

What “home” means to Jay: “Home to me is a place of refuge and comfort.”

Favorite tool on the job: “My favorite tool is the chalk line!”

Kimberly, Crew Leader

Hometown: Folsom, CA

What “home” means to Kimberly: “Home means, to me, a safe place where you feel comfortable to be yourself and decompress.”

Favorite tool on the job: “An impact driver!”






Miranda, Crew Leader *Second year!
Served her first term as Volunteer Coordinator.

Hometown: Berkeley, CA

What “home” means to Miranda: “For me, home is sanctuary, a retreat from the outside world and a place where you can find comfort, relaxation, and peace.”

Favorite tool on the job: “My favorite tool on-site so far is the jigsaw! I like how precise you can get with the cuts.”

Nadine, Crew Leader

Hometown: Truckee, CA

What “home” means to Nadine: “Home to me means a safe place where you can express yourself and feel comfortable being yourself.”

Favorite tool on the job: “I still don’t really know! I guess a drill?”





Sharon, Crew Leader

Hometown: Fairbanks, AK

What “home” means to Sharon: “Home means: warm fuzzies, family, good food smells and cooking, creativity, hot showers, and a comfy place to lay my head! And neighbors. 😊 “

Favorite tool on the job: “The palm nailer!”

Eager to meet our AmeriCorps in person? Sign up for a socially distant volunteer experience with Habitat for Humanity!




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