Figuring out how to manage finances can be daunting, but it’s critical for long-term financial stability.

Habitat for Humanity’s Housing and Financial Counseling Program is here for you, with 3 ways to help make managing your finances something to look forward to rather than something to dread.


Did you know that 58% of Americans feel that finances control their lives? Understanding how to build a strong financial foundation doesn’t come easy for a lot of people, so it is important to be kind to yourself throughout the process.

Talking to a professional is a great way to not feel overwhelmed, be held accountable, and learn a variety of tips and methods to create a plan that will work for you!

Enter Habitat’s Housing Counselors – Ramel and Alessandra. Don’t let their title fool you. Yes, Ramel and Alessandra provide guidance to help people achieve their housing dreams, but they can also provide counseling to those working to reach their financial dreams. So, whether you have your eye on homeownership, knocking down debt, or just a sense of control over your budget – we’re here.

Finding support from professionals like Ramel and Alessandra can help you feel more in charge of the many aspects of your financial health – and empowered to stick to plan.

When you schedule a FREE one-on-one counseling appointment, you will meet with Ramel or Alessandra privately to discuss your goals and ways you can free yourself from financial worry.


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Meet Alessandra

Alessandra is a professionally trained HUD-Certified Housing Counselor with 13 years of experience providing homebuyer and financial education. Her strong belief that having a stable and safe home is a basic and essential human need is what led her to Habitat.

Her approach to counseling is personalized by providing hands-on guidance and ongoing support to help people achieve their unique housing and financial goals. Whether someone wants to learn how to create and maintain a budget, save, pay off debt, improve their credit history, or financially prepare for homeownership, she is there to guide and support them every step of the way.

Her Habitat colleagues describe her as compassionate, dedicated, and very stylish.
Meet Ramel

Ramel is a licensed CA Real Estate and Mortgage Broker, and he has additional training and certification in Housing and Financial Counseling with more than 25 years of experience.

Ramel likes to begin by sitting down with clients and really getting to know them, understanding what’s important to them and their future goals. He then tailors his guidance to help clients find the terms that are right for their budget. As Ramel says, he’s “in your corner,” helping you consider all your options and teaching you all the legalities and technicalities that are involved – so you can move toward your financial goals with confidence.

Fellow Habitat staffers describe him as patient, kind, and a great golfer!
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There is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to ways to manage your finances. Your goals are different from your neighbors’. Your income and expenses are different from your friends’. And your habits are different from your family’s. Find resources that are customizable so you can create a personalized financial plan to achieve goals like sticking to a budget, controlling debt, or finding the right savings account. Creating a plan that feels personal can make your finances feel more manageable and your goals more attainable.

If creating a personalized plan with Ramel or Alessandra during a one-on-one counseling appointment doesn’t fit into your busy schedule, start by creating a custom playlist in our Financial Education Center. Our Financial Education Center is an online resource hub full of lessons on different financial topics –like a “How much house can I afford?” calculator and more – ready for you when you have time.



Managing your finances doesn’t stop once you create a plan with a Housing Counselor or complete a playlist in our Financial Education Center. You have to be ready when life throws you curveballs – you may lose a job, have a baby, or need to cover some unexpected bills.

Check in regularly – with yourself, a friend, or even a Habitat Housing Counselor – and evaluate your plan on a regular basis. Taking the time to reflect on your wins, learn from your losses, and embrace changes will keep your plan sustainable and keep you on your toes and on top of your financial wellness.

In summary, remember you’re not alone: Habitat for Humanity’s Housing Counselors can meet with you one-on-one to create a personalized plan and help you achieve any financial dream (not just homeownership); Making your plan personal can make your plan feel more manageable; and finally, checking in regularly makes your plan sustainable.


Through personalized services like our one-on-one counseling or our Financial Education Center, and our educational classes like group workshops and our certified first-time homebuyer classes, our Housing Counselors are ready to help.



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