As the warmer months arrive, our construction projects are in full swing. From new builds to renovations and community collaborations, there's plenty to catch up on! 

Here are this month's updates on the Habitat construction sites: 

Under Construction
Walnut Creek - New Home May Construction Update - 350x350px-1Development, Esperanza Place

The progress made during this month's Women's Leadership Build was truly remarkable!

The first two buildings of this 42-home development are currently undergoing exterior painting, insulation, drywall installation, and solar panel integration. 

The next two buildings are having roofing, siding, and rough mechanical, electrical, and plumbing installed. Plus, kitchen cabinets and interior doors for all units are en route. 

The contractors have initiated work on the parking lot, and we're pleased to see everything coming together. We are still on track for a late-fall finish on the first 23 homes of this 42-home development!

Oakland – Renovation 

We are thrilled to welcome home the newest Habitat family! These parents and their three young boys are getting ready to move into their newly-renovated home in the heart of Oakland! Kiet - whose family has been thriving in their own Habitat home next door since last year - was first in line to welcome his new neighbors, along with our friends at Kaiser Permanente, whose generous donation of these properties helped make this moment a reality.

Sunnyvale – Home Renovation 

A homeowner has been selected and staff and Regular Volunteers have begun renovating this home! First up – painting! We expect to wrap up work early next month.

Coming Soon
San Jose – Renovation, 4th and ReedMay Construction Update - 350x350px-2

We are pleased to share that the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors has approved funding from the Measure A Affordable Housing Bond to support transforming this historic building into four affordable condos! 

And with the soil management plan approved, we are ready to move forward with site mitigation, laying the new foundation and finalizing permits for utility connections. We can't wait to welcome volunteers in just a few months.

Bay Point - New Home Development, Pacifica Landing

This development is still in the early stages of planning. Our Housing Development team is currently in the process of awaiting final map approval and loan closures. Once these crucial steps are completed, we can begin construction. 

San Leandro -  New Home Development, Castro Street

Our plan submittal is in to the City, and we are working with consultants on civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering - not to mention solar energy! Stay tuned as we move through the planning phase for updates on the kickoff to construction!

Hayward -  New Home Development, Sequoia Grove

We are moving through our pre-development work - refining plans for an all-electric development that augments our ongoing commitment to sustainability - and under way on a site remediation plan. We're aiming to start that remediation effort this fall, to be followed by site work and, of course, vertical construction!

San Jose – New Home Development, Jackson Avenue

We are working with the City of San Jose on our construction documents, and eager to build this 14-home affordable neighborhood! 

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