Why we're voting #YesonA & #YesonA1 this November

Why we're voting #YesonA & #YesonA1 this November
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Dear Friends,

As President and CEO of Habitat for Humanity East Bay/Silicon Valley, I have seen the environments our Habitat partner families live in before partnering with us. In most cases, our partner families are leaving behind overcrowded, unsafe, or unhealthy living situations, or the roller coaster of rising rents and multiple moves. These are our neighbors, hardworking families just a “hand up” away from building brighter futures for themselves.

I’ve also been fortunate enough to stay connected to these families after partnering with Habitat, and to have seen, time and again, how they transform their lives. With a healthy, stable, affordable home — a space of their own — our partner families are finally able to save money for necessities and for their futures, to plant roots and invest in their communities, to send their kids to the neighborhood schools and participate in local activities. It’s truly moving to see the changes in our partner families’ lives once they’ve settled into their Habitat homes and experienced the empowerment of homeownership.

This is why I am proud that Habitat EBSV is endorsing both Measure A1 in Alameda County and Measure A in Santa Clara County. Both bond measures will bolster our ongoing mission to create affordable housing opportunities for our communities’ most vulnerable residents and help us to bring the transformative stories I’ve witnessed within reach of more families.

State and federal funding for affordable housing has decreased by 89%  while housing prices have sky-rocketed. The time to act is now. By supporting Measure A1 in Alameda and Measure A in Santa Clara, you’ll be making an investment to strengthen your community. Both measures will provide critical funding, to stay local in each county, to help create and maintain affordable housing. Each measure includes strong accountability features, including independent annual audits to ensure funds are spent as approved by voters.

We are putting the force of our organization behind Measure A and Measure A1 because affordable ownership housing is a vital part of the housing spectrum. We need housing at all levels in order for Alameda and Santa Clara Counties to thrive.

This November, you have the opportunity to take a stand and vote for this important issue. The housing crisis, in one form or another, impacts us all. This is our chance to change the story.

Join Habitat EBSV in voting Yes on Measure A1 in Alameda and Measure A in Santa Clara! Pledge your support today!

Thank you,

Janice Jensen
President and CEO
Habitat for Humanity East Bay/Silicon Valley