If you look closely, you’re likely to spot her out on the construction site, hard hat and safety vest on – but no tool belt. Or, she might be on the outskirts of a Playhouse build, though you won’t find any paint on her hands. She could be in a homeowner’s kitchen, chatting over prep bowls and bubbling pots, or rubbing elbows with local officials voicing their support for our work.

jodiThat’s Jodi Foucher, professional photographer extraordinaire, whose camera (and talent) are the tools she uses to build with Habitat.

Jodi volunteers her time with us, helping us tell the incredible stories of our Habitat community – and by doing so, she inspires awareness of Habitat’s work, nostalgia at memories we’ve made together, celebration of our accomplishments, and support that helps us build more.

Like thousands of her fellow volunteers, Jodi’s involvement with Habitat is a mission of the heart. After 15 years of “photography as a side hustle,” Jodi left corporate life to focus on her passion full-time. And when she did, she says, “I reached out to Habitat right away. I wanted to contribute to my community, something I didn’t have time for before with two young kids and a corporate job.”

That Jodi wanted to donate her free time to Habitat for Humanity was no accident; it was a value she picked up from her late stepfather. Jodi describes him as “a big support of Habitat for Humanity, always donating tools and supplies… and it was important to me to continue his legacy by supporting our community in a way that was meaningful to me.”

That’s just what she did, beginning in early 2022 – and, she says, “I have been hooked ever since!”

It’s no wonder, with plenty of Habitat action to keep her busy. “My favorite moments have been to witness the passion the volunteers have, and of course capturing those moments to share with the community,” Jodi says. She’s loved the wide gamut of stories and challenges, “from watching people learn new tasks they didn’t think they could do, to orchestrating a group of 50+ people to pose and cheer for a group photo. Every day on site is different, and I love capturing it!”

We are so grateful for all of our volunteers, and to have people like Jodi bring their talents to the cause with such generosity and compassion.

Want to catch a glimpse of Jodi out on site? Check out our volunteer opportunities! If, like Jodi, you’ve got special talents that you’re interested in lending to Habitat’s mission, let us know!

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